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Challenge 47 - Brittana 2x15.

Welcome to challenge 47.

I know it's been forever & ever since we last had a challenge, I apologize! After last nights phenomenal episode, I just couldn't NOT put up this challenge! For this challenge, you will focus on the Brittany/Santana relationship as shown in 2x15. *Your icons can have Brittany/Santana together or Brittany & Santana individually as long as it's from one of their scenes!

You may submit up to 6 icons.
You can use either the images provided or find your own.
You may use any text, brushes, gradients, textures, etc. that you like.
You may make more than one icon from the same image, provided that the crops are noticeably different from each other.
No animation.
Your icon must meet LJ standards. (100x100p./40k.)
Please do not use old icons.
Please do not post your icons anywhere else until voting is over.
The special categories for this challenge are Most Creative and Best Crop.

Please post your icons like this:


Images can be found:

Image Gallery

Entries are due Tuesday, March 15th at 11:00 PM CST.

Comments are screened.
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