alisa (dizzyknee) wrote in glee_stills,

Secret Santa!

 In honor of Christmas and because our schedule of posting is off right now, I thought we could do a fun round!

Secret Santa Sign-Ups:
+ If you'd like to participate, comment to this post with what you'd like icons of (characters, ships, scenes, etc.) Glee-related.
+ I will randomly assign someone for you to make icons for.
+ You'll make 3 icons for this person, and post them in a comment to the gift post I will make.
+ I'll unscreen them after Christmas, and you'll have new icons :D
+ There will be no voting, this is just for fun!

Comment to this post with what you would like icons of by tomorrow (December 20th) at midnight CST, so I can get the assignments out asap :)
Tags: secret santa
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